LETTER:Testing time for fraud squad

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From Mr Peter Savage

Sir: The logic in John Wilcock's City Diary ("The key to stopping fraud: wear your specs", 7 February) was quite stunning. Because the police entry exam is not particularly testing does not mean that it is a benchmark by which we can all be judged.

I have been a fraud squad officer for many years. Despite my two O-levels, I found the illustrated questions quite easy. In the unlikely event that I could not get the answer to 220 x 3 correct, I would not admit to the mistake. I would employ a lawyer (3-plus A-levels, university, public school, etc) to argue that my answer was right but that I was simply misunderstood!

If you seriously doubt the ability of "under-educated" police officers being able to investigate complex fraud, perhaps I can offer as a reference many of the Queen's Counsel and other senior lawyers who have prosecuted or defended my cases over the years. Whatever happened to good old common sense being regarded as a worthwhile qualification?

Yours faithfully,

Peter Savage

Detective Constable

Sussex Police, Brighton