Letter:The joke is on the English

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Sir: "I had no idea" says Miles Kington, "that there was such a thing as a Welsh Academy" ("One way to unite the Welsh: insult them", 30 July), and it seems that he is just as ignorant about the condition of Welsh culture.

He would be ashamed, I think, to write so scornfully about any other country whose language he does not understand, and of whose intellectual activities he is evidently ignorant: but there we are, the English now feeling themselves to be inferior to every other people in Europe, they are left only with the Welsh and the Scots to sneer at - preferably the Welsh, because there are fewer of them, and they have a language of their own.

Mr Kington and his kind should stop and think: for every Englishman making cruel jokes about Wales, there are 10,000 foreigners laughing at England.



Yr Academi Gymreig

Llanystumdwy, Gwynedd