LETTER:The role of emotion within the Charismatic Movement

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From Mr Graham Lewis

Sir: I can only echo the Rev Bown's comments regarding the Charismatics (Letters, 25 August). I have recently read an account by an eminent physician that typifies this movement. The writer reports that the group locked themselves away for "prayer" while waiting for the so-called baptism of the spirit. Having worked themselves into a religious fervour, they proceeded to hold an emotionally charged, open-air meeting at which no less than 3,000 of those attending claim to have undergone religious conversion.

These converts gave up their possessions to the poorer members of the new cult, and took over the local cathedral for their raucous worship. The leaders of the cult have no theological training except for three years spent with their now deceased leader, an illiterate tradesman.

It is time for the church to expunge such movements and return to true religion.

Yours from a full church,

Graham Lewis

Gillingham, Kent

25 August