LETTER:There are problems in the workplace

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From Mr Carlton Brick

Sir: The association of working longer hours and stress ("Long- hours culture hitting productivity", 26 October), should not be taken at face value. The forthcoming "Attitudes to Work" survey by Canterbury Christ Church College indicates that 21 per cent of respondents, when asked what was the biggest problem faced at work, answered stress, but 67 per cent stated more objective problems associated with the work process such as poor pay, management, workloads and hours.

Work is being intensified, but calling this stress suggests that the problem is at least partly the fault of the employee.

Once characterised as a health problem, the problem of overwork is taken out of its real context - that of the nature of employer/employee relations - and is displaced on to the individual's inability "to cope" whether they are in or out of the work environment.

Yours sincerely,

Carlton Brick

London, N22