LETTER:Two 'entities' cannot make one peace

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From Mr Hugh Murnaghan

Sir: While I am delighted that there is a prospect of normal life returning for a great many of the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina, I find myself feeling uncomfortable with the Dayton plan ("Dayton deal holds seeds of own destruction", 23 November). Perhaps I am a cynic, but this appears to be the continuation of the policies of moral cowardice so evident over the past four years.

I cannot remember partition being suggested as the best solution in Kuwait, the Falklands or Northern Ireland in the past 25 years. I am convinced, sadly, that the agreement at Dayton is an unjust, bad peace and, thus, is no peace at all. I hope that I am wrong, but I cannot see this as anything other than the defeat of pluralism at the hands of aggressive xenophobia. I can merely hope that the Western powers are willing to act as more than mere midwives for this bastardised creation, so that the ordinary Bosnians, of all religions and none, can have a chance.

Yours etc.,

Hugh Murnaghan