LETTER:UN responsibility

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From Mr Farrukh Hyder

Sir: Everyone should be held accountable for not doing a job properly. In daily life, failure to perform one's duties can often lead to the sack.

By a similar token, what can we expect from the UN following the revelation that Lieutenant-General Bernard Janvier repeatedly refused to give air support to UN troops at the time of Srebrenica's fall (front page, 30 October)? Bearing in mind that 8,000 people died in Srebrenica, will the failure to protect this "safe area" be simply put down to the Western governments' unwillingness to act? And should those of us with a moral conscience allow the politicians off the hook and simply turn our backs on the wives and daughters and mothers of the 8000 who died?


Farrukh Hyder

London, SW16

31 October