LETTER:Western guilt buried in Bosnia's mass graves

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Sir: Your article about Sahinici One and "a crime too great to hide" (3 April) did not point out that Srebrenica, in addition to being a "safe area", also served as an armed camp for Muslim soldiers. These soldiers, as you acknowledge, attacked and killed Serbs in nearby villages. But these were not just isolated attacks for food. Many hundred Serbs in these villages were slaughtered in these continuous attacks, including women and children. The number of torched houses can be counted in hundreds.

So by all means investigate Serb killings and atrocities in the area and see to it that those responsible are brought to justice. But so that justice is seen to be done, the mass graves of Serbs massacred by Muslims in the surrounding villages must also be reopened, and charges brought against those responsible. If justice is not seen to apply to all, then hatreds, alas, will continue to simmer, eating away at any prospect of peace.