LETTER:Withdrawal of United Nations peace-keepers would lead to carnage in Bosnia

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From Mr Vlada Vjestica

Sir: Bravo, Michael Sheridan ("Will it be Russia v America next?", 29 May). The responsibility for the deepening crisis in Bosnia lies with an American administration (supported by Germany) that has continually made a hypocrisy of the principles by which the United Nations stands.

The most recent example was the Croatian military action of four weeks ago, which directly violated the laws of war and the UN protected area of Western Slavonia. Not a word of condemnation from the State Department. No threat from the Security Council of possible Nato air strikes. A verbal reprimand issued on behalf of the EU.

Unless there is a redefinition of the UN presence in former Yugoslavia - an impartial body operating on a humanitarian basis - there will be no way out of the present impasse.

Yours sincerely


Serb National Alliance of the UK and Republic of Ireland

London, W11

29 May