LETTER:Withdrawal of United Nations peace-keepers would lead to carnage in Bosnia

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From Dr Salah Ezz

Sir: Last month, Michael Sheridan wrote about Douglas Hurd's criticism of Arab dissidents, taking refuge in London, for "abusing our hospitality by indulging in malevolent propaganda campaigns against our good friends in the region". Mr. Hurd went on to pledge "full support" for one named Gulf dictatorship. Both John Major and Douglas Hurd recently indicated to a gathering of Arab ambassadors that groups actively opposing their governments from London "are not welcome" ("Britain puts limits on its hospitality", 23 May).

In light of the facts that those Arab dissidents neither committed nor supported violence and that they are in London because their governments will not tolerate either peaceful opposition or demands for implementing democracy, it is both baffling and distressing to watch the indifference of Messrs Major and Hurd towards the activities of another group of dissidents in London against their freely elected government, namely the so-called "Bosnian-Serb representatives". Those people not only call for the dismantling of their UN member state but, more importantly, act to justify crimes against humanity and support the termination of democracy and pluralism in Bosnia to replace it with a racist, barbaric regime.

Yours faithfully,



28 May