Love your husband, Jemima

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"Darling, will you marry me?" Surely those are the most wonderful words a woman could ever wish to hear.

They must be the words that Imran Khan said to the beautiful young Jemima Goldsmith, and her answer was `Yes'.

It sounds just like the ending of one of my novels, where the tall, dark, worldly wise, handsome hero proposes to the beautiful young girl of his dreams.

But what of the future?

Now they are married I am sure they are going to find their love for each other in a wonderful honeymoon, if only the media will leave them alone.

They will have to make adjustmentsbecause Jemima will find that life in Pakistan can be very different from that in the Western world.

But I am sure she will know what I am trying to explain to Western women, and that is the importance of looking after, caring for, and being ever- loving to their wonderful husbands.

Women these days are only too anxious to show that they are the equal of the man, and that anything he can do, they can do better!

She is not dealing with an Englishman and, in the East, as we all know, the male is supreme. Anything Imran wants, if Jemima is a wise woman, she will agree to.

I also hope they will do what I have been telling couples to do for so long, and that is to have a second honeymoon every year.

I would like to see them go back to Paris, just as my husband and I did, to the place where they were married, and to care nothing for the outside world, but just to be entranced by each other and to make love, as they will be doing now on their honeymoon.

I think it is marvellous that they have got married despite the difference in their nationalities.

I am sure that whatever religion Jemima has become, she believes in what is right and what is wrong and that husband and wife, in their love, will remain faithful to each other.

I am appalled at the attitude of our priests in this country; to have the Bishop of Edinburgh saying that adultery is not a sin and that it is all in one's genes is terrible.

I feel that adultery is not to be condoned in any way, and that it is about time the established Church in Britain followed the Bible, from which these priests took their vows when they were ordained.

No matter what pressures come upon Imran and Jemima from the outside world, and I am sure there will be plenty, both from Jemima's family and from Pakistan, they know they have found the real love which comes from God and is part of God, and I hope it will be theirs for Eternity.

The writer is a romantic novelist.