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Some recent news stories you may have missed:

Moo-ve along please

A cow that left its field and ran amok in a town near Selby, Yorks, was restrained by police who handcuffed its hind legs.

Rhesus positive

According to a Harvard University study, rhesus monkeys may be able to add and subtract. Tests show that the monkeys appear to be able to discriminate between two and three aubergines.

Woolly woof

Dog-skin coats and car seat covers are the latest fashion fad in Mongolia. "Mongolian dogs can survive in cold of minus 30C," said one user in Ulan Batur. "That's why dog fur can keep you warm."

Kill a wolf to bag a bear

Russian authorities have come up with an ingenious scheme to keep down the wolf population. Hunters who can produce a dozen wolf hides will be rewarded with permits to hunt bears, boar and moose.