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Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed

Violet pig shock horror

Sara Karloff, daughter of horror-film star Boris, has divulged that her father loved playing cricket and gardening, and that he had a pet pig named Violet.

Wedding undress

Strip-tease shows at weddings have been judged to be politically incorrect by legislators in Taiwan, and seminars are being funded to discourage the practice. The police, however, are reported to be reluctant to take action because they do not want to be seen as killjoys.

Verbiage foliage

A warehouse supervisor in Gloucestershire has had to have his moustache trimmed so that a new employee, a fork-lift truck driver who is deaf, will be able to read his lips.

Cinderella not guilty

A judge in an Italian court made a woman accused of shoplifting try on a shoe left at the scene of the crime as the culprit fled. Claudia Zanella's size 37 foot did not fit the size 39 piece of evidence, and she walked free from the court.

Sobering experience

A man in Toronto was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol after he had driven to a police station in order to ask them whether he was sober enough to drive. He also hit a police car when parking.

Baby catcher

A man in Philadelphia caught a baby that had fallen out of a third-floor window. Michael Springer, 45, turned a corner to see Dante Barkley, 17 months, dangling from a window ledge. The baby then fell, unharmed, into his arms.

Another baby catcher

A student in Fukuoka, Japan, caught a two-year-old child that had fallen from a sixth-floor window. Kazuya Inoue, 16, saw the boy hanging from a balcony and ran 50 metres and climbed a three-metre fence in time to catch him.

Good economics

The ex-wife of Robert Lucas, winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Economics, will receive half his $1m winnings under the terms of their 1989 divorce settlement. A clause had been inserted at her suggestion guaranteeing Rita a 50 per cent share if he won a Nobel Prize before 31 October 1995. "Maybe if I'd known I'd win I would have resisted the clause," said Lucas.

Fisherman's prize catch

A Swedish angler who fished a gun from the bottom of a lake has received a 200,000Kr (pounds 18,500) reward for providing evidence against a racist killer.

Hop, snip and jump

Vasectomies may be performed on Australian kangaroos to control the population. They have been causing accidents and getting in the way of golfers.