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Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed

Last of the Bobs

The annual Bobfest - a convention in Avon, Colorado, for relatives and friends of men named Bob - is no more. Tom Britz, organiser of the event, told the town council he is tired of running it, and the council voted against taking it over. "I met one bad Bob and it spoiled the bunch," explained Mr Britz.

Cockpit cock-up

It has been revealed that a Northwest Airlines jet bound for Frankfurt from Detroit last month landed by mistake in Belgium. The captain and crew have been grounded.

Belly bully

Fifi Abdu, a leading Egyptian belly-dancer, stormed into a Cairo hotel and attacked a comic impressionist as he mimicked her act. The comic escaped with bruises.

Who's a naughty boy?

Police were called to Earl's Court Station in London to eject a parrot that was causing a disturbance on a Piccadilly Line train.

Over the moon

A cow fell 50ft over a cliff in Branscombe, Devon, bounced on the roof of a bungalow and escaped serious injury. A lady in the bungalow was reported to be "shocked".

Improperly dressed

A government office in Manzini, Swaziland, has refused to provide services to women wearing trousers. Any woman wrongly attired will be sent home to change into a dress.

Improperly dressed again

Joseph Wilson, a circuit judge in South Carolina, called off a hearing after refusing to let a female lawyer enter a plea because she was wearing trousers. "If a man were to come to court without a tie, I'd ask him to put on a tie," the judge said.

Essex men drink tea

At eight cups a day, residents of Dagenham, Essex, top Britain's tea- drinking league.

Improperly dressed once more

Two men accused of rape have caused a legal wrangle in South Korea. Their victim, unbeknown to them, was a transexual with fake women's genitalia. The judges are unsure whether rape charges can be filed, but say they can be jailed for harrassment.

Health food

A sandwich 230m long, filled with smoked turkey, salmon, tuna and prawns, was eaten in Warsaw as part of a campaign for healthy eating.

No hurry

A Chester man has been reunited with a pet tortoise that went missing from his garden 35 years ago.