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Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed

Spam fritters

Hormel Foods, makers of Spam luncheon meat, failed in their attempt to stop Jim Henson Productions, makers of the Muppet films, from using a pig character called Spa'am - the high priest of wild boars. Federal judge Kimba Wood ruled that the public is unlikely to confuse Spa'am with Spam.

Hot food

More than 100 people have been injured in explosions at more than 20 hot pot restaurants in China this year. The latest accident, which left 30 injured in Chengdu, was caused by a gas leak.

Flying nudes

Mayor Joe McBride Jr, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, has threatened to ban next year's Labor Day weekend skydiving show if there are any more naked parachutists. After successfully battling against a nude-dancing juice bar earlier this year, the mayor said: "The problem is, we're trying to make sure the city runs on a moral playing field. To allow something like this to go on when you're fighting against juice bars is hypocritical."

Drunken drunk

A Norwegian sentenced to three weeks' jail for drunken driving, arrived at Ilseng prison by car, and was found to be over the limit and driving without a valid licence.

Cat lover jailed

An Illinois woman elected to go to jail rather than concede custody of the cat to her ex-husband. A judge had ordered her to return the cat or be found in contempt of court.

More cat lovers

A survey by the Cats Protection League revealed than one in three children would rather have a cat than their brother or sister, and the same number said their mum preferred the cat to dad. Only one in six, however, preferred the cat to granny.

Seven times a day

According to a survey by Men's Health Magazine, men fantasise about 2,555 times a year about having sexual intercourse.

Safe treaty

A copy of the Maastricht Treaty and a condom were among objects sealed in a time capsule and buried at Strasbourg Cathedral. It will, if all goes according to plan, be opened in 3790.

Bingo winner

Steve Hale has been named Bingo Caller of the Year by the Bingo Association. According to a spokeswoman for the association, he has the very rare gift of making numbers sound interesting.

Cow calms Kent

Fred, a half-ton bullock, leapt a fence at Ashford market, Kent, and ran half a mile through the town before being calmed by Daisy the cow.