meanwhile... Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed

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Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed

Spotty problems

The Dalmatian Club has voted, by 106 to 71 against co-operating with the Walt Disney organisation in a remake of the film 101 Dalmatians. In the cartoon version 30 years ago, Disney animators drew 6,469,952 spots. This time they will use actors and real dogs.

Man bites dog

John Bryant of Sydney rescued his pet dog Tina, who is fat and blind, from an attack by a mongrel by sinking his teeth into the other dog's neck. Bryant was given a tetanus shot. Neither of the dogs received treatment.

No Dalmatians

A 12.5 ton truck was pulled 50 metres by 239 sled dogs harnessed together in a town in Switzerland. This beats the previous record of 224 dogs in a single harness.

Cow record

Acme Goldy the Second, a British Friesian cow, has produced 26,963kg of milk in 337 days - an average 80 litres a day. The previous record for a year's production was 25,247kg.

No anchovies

A ton of flour, 300kg tomatoes, 200kg mozzarella, 10kg mushrooms and 60kg ham went into the longest ever pizza, at 200 metres, made in Vincenza, Italy.

Traffic jam

A motorist in Carlisle, Cumbria, was fined pounds 50 with pounds 40 costs and ordered to pay pounds 50 compensation to a traffic warden after he had thrown a partly eaten doughnut at her when she gave him a ticket.

Floating marks

A man in Hameln, Germany, threw a cash-box full of his savings into a river after being pestered by relatives about his money. The box was found by some teenagers, who handed it over to the police, who found the owner through his savings passbook, which was also in the box. A family court has now been appointed to look after the man's savings.

The tea-party's over

In Washington, the Senate has voted to close down the Board of Tea Experts, which has been sniffing and tasting imported tea since 1897.

Ostriches nuked

Afro Ostrich Farms, Australia's largest ostrich-breeders, are to scrap plans to breed the birds in New Caledonia as a protest against French nuclear testing.

It's not cricket

After a survey showing that women civil servants do not like sporting metaphors, a senior treasury official said: "Perhaps we will have to ban level playing fields, own goals and that sort of thing."