meanwhile tramps and camels

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Some news items of the past week that you may have missed:

Labour opposition

Tramps in Argentina are expected to gather in their hundreds in the beach resort of Mar del Plata this September. The aim of the meeting, which has been billed as their first national summit, is to combat the scourge of work and to campaign for 2 May to be declared the International Day of Idleness.

New ears resolution

According to Iraq's official newspaper al-Qadissiya, "Leader President, Field Marshall Saddam Hussein, has ordered the abolishment of the decision calling for the amputation of part of the outer ear of those deserting the army or failing to join military service."

Holy eggplant

An aubergine has been found in Bolton with its pips spelling out the word "Allah" inside. The leader of the local mosque described it as a miracle, adding: "This clearly shows people that our God exists. It is a message to the non-believers."

His lips are sealed

A Mexico City resident has had his mouth sewn shut in a protest against the break-up of the unionised bus system in the capital. A doctor was persuaded to sew the lips of Ventura Galvan Torres, who, before his mouth was closed, said he sympathised with sacked workers.

Over the hump

A camel that disappeared during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 has reappeared, pregnant. Its owner, Mohammed al-Oweisher, was so happy to see her back that he wrote two verses of poetry thanking God.

Weather suit

A woman in Tel Aviv is suing a television channel and its weatherman for predicting sunshine on a day that turned out to be rainy. As a result, she went out lightly dressed, caught flu, missed four days' work and had to spend 117 shekels (pounds 25) on medication.

End of the nudes

Nudity in public or in private, when exposed to public view, is now illegal in Singapore, attracting a fine close to pounds 1,000.