Note the stunning similarity

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TTake a look at this photograph of Princess Diana from the latest issue of Vanity Fair. The head resting on the hands, the enigmatic expression that mixes quiet confidence with just a hint of vulnerability. Does the image seem slightly familiar? No? Well take a look at the top of the page then!!!

Yes, I must say I was struck by the resemblance between Diana's picture and my own. I tried to contact Vanity Fair's photographer Mario Testino, but I was told by his agent that he was shooting somewhere in Scotland and uncontactable, which meant I was deprived of hearing Mario's "marvellous voice - very warm, very satisfying, like one of those macerated cherries you get at the bottom of a good Manhattan", as the Vanity Fair journalist put it.

However, Mario's agent said I could fax a question to him and he would see if he could get a response. So I faxed a question asking Mario if it was just coincidence that his photograph of Diana looked so similar to my own or if in fact my picture might have inspired him in some way. Sadly, I never received Mario's response.

According to the London Evening Standard, the pictures of Diana "stunned" her close friends and I confess my own picture had the same effect when it was first published in this newspaper a couple of months ago. "You're not still using that old picture?" was a frequent comment, and I seem to remember the word "nonce" was used on more than one occasion. What my so-called friends clearly fail to grasp is that the picture shows I'm living my life as I want to live it and I'm much happier with myself. Oh and by the way, can anyone teach me how to catwalk?