Notebook: Recently-published memoirs

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GILES Gordon, the literary agent, would like us to clarify something. Mr Gordon's recently-published memoirs contain an account of how he had measured his 'male organ' with a ruler and discovered it was exactly the same length as his Who's Who entry. This has been the subject of much ribaldry - including more today from our own Wallace Arnold - particularly after research revealed that the Who's Who entry was 2 1/2 ins long. Mr Gordon would like us to point out that his remarks were a jocular reference to a similar incident involving Adrian Mole, the creation of his client, Sue Townsend; that he has never measured his 'male organ'; and that he does not even own a ruler. He would also like to express his indignation that commentators have made certain mischievous assumptions about the nature of the measurement which have led to odd looks at the Garrick Club. We are happy to straighten it out.

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