numbers the anaesthetist

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Today is the 23rd of November. Stop me if you've heard this before, but William Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564 and died on 23 April 1616: 23+23=46, which was precisely Shakespeare's age when the King James Bible was completed.

Now "William Shakespeare" is an anagram of "Here was I, like a psalm", and if we turn to Psalm 46, the 46th word is "shake" and the 46th word from the end is "spear". Spooky isn't it? (Found in Soul Searching by Nicholas Humphrey.)

Mixed doubles:

The following six words need grouping into three pairs. Rearrange the letters within each pair to reveal three words with a common theme:

Open suture dairy delicacy ash tonic.

Three appropriate book prizes from Chambers will be awarded to the first correct answers opened on 5 December. Entries to: Pastimes, the Independent, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. (9 November report held over until next week).