Piper's windows: a joint effort

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From Ms June Osborne

Sir: Much as I welcome Ian MacKinnon's article on the lovely Nativity window at Iffley ("Spotlight falls on forgotten 'Nativity'," 1 January), I do think that credit should be given where it is due.

Many people do not realise that what are loosely termed the "John Piper windows", though designed by Piper, were not in fact made by him. Piper created the full-size cartoon, usually in gouache with collage, but after that he had to rely on very skilled artist-craftsmen to interpret his ideas in the altogether different medium of glass. This is no mechanical process, but one that requires infinite subtlety.

All the earlier windows designed by Piper were realised by Patrick Reyntiens; the later ones either by Joseph Nuttgens, or more often, by David Wasley of High Wycombe. It was Wasley who made, and created the surround for, the Nativity window.

The significance of John Piper in the field of stained glass is immense; and this cannot be diminished by acknowledging the artistry of his collaborators.

Yours faithfully,

June Osborne



1 January