Q: 1995? A: Delia Smith and Mr Darcy

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The end of the year approaches and it is time to find out just how aware you were of what happened during the past tumultuous 12 months. So here for you to mull over during the weekend is our Grand Quiz of 1995!

1. Who, in 1995, said the following?

a. "I am making you Deputy Premier, Michael, but I want it to be strictly understood that it is a purely nominal and symbolic post."

b. "That's all, right, John. After all, I realise that being Prime Minister is, in your case, also a purely nominal and symbolic post."

c. "You might very well think that, Michael, but don't forget that I resigned as party leader and stood for election to show that I was the best man."

d. "Not quite, John. All you showed was that you were a better man than John Redwood, and I think we all knew that already - all except John Redwood, of course."

e. "No cheek from you, Michael, or I won't make you Deputy Premier."

f. "See if I care, John."

2. Which became the most maddening cliche of the year?

a. "You may think that. I couldn't possibly comment."

b. "Blur? Isn't he leader of the Labour Party?"

3. When Yitzhak Rabin was murdered this autumn, it was the first time in history that a leader of a country with a first name beginning with Y was assassinated by a man who also had a first name beginning with Y.

True or false?

4. Delia Smith's name or photo was on the front cover of Radio Times

a. Three weeks in a row?

b. Five weeks in a row?

c. Every issue this year?

d. And quite often on the back cover as well?

5. A science question, now. Which breakthrough took place this year?

a. Geneticists finally managed to breed a tomato that tasted of something.

b. Medical science finally isolated the virus that causes road rage.

c. Science has finally isolated the gene that governs people's desire to appear on The Moral Maze.

d. The White House finally located Bosnia on the map.

6. Whose partnership finally broke up in 1995?

a. Paula Yates and Peter Cook.

b. FW de Klerk and Dudley Moore.

c. Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela.

d. John Redwood and Michael Jackson.

e. John Lennon and the Beatles.

f. Pearl and Dean.

g. Torvill and Dean.

h. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

7. Which of the following were celebrated in 1995?

a. VE Day.

b. VIP Day.

c. VD Day.

e. VAT Day.

f. VJ Day.

g. VW Day.

e. Sir Robin Day.

8. To which chemist will nobody ever again take their bathtime photographs?

9. Sport, now. Jonathan Edwards, triple jump world record holder and winner of the British Sports Personality of the Year title, is actually the illegitimate son of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, the British ski jumper who was so bad that he won the title 15 years ago.

True or false?

10. What is the product known as Britpop?

a. A new kind of sparkling wine.

b. An old kind of pop music.

c. The noise made by Britweasel.

d. A misrpint for Bridport.

11. Whatever happened to

a. Terry Christian?

b. David Mellor?

c. Janet Street-Porter?

d. all the money collected by the Thatcher Foundation?

12. Which was the most famous speech in 1995?

a. The one in which Princess Diana said she wanted to be Queen of Hearts, thus losing all the support she had so carefully gained.

b. The one in which Will Carling referred to the people who ran Buckingham Palace as "a load of old farts".

c. The one in which Bill Clinton told the world that he had finally located Bosnia on the map.

d. The one in which John Major told us that the peace process was on course, but didn't tell us where it was on course to.

e. The one in which Mr Darcy finally proposed to Miss Bennett.

Answers on Monday, or maybe more questions, if we can't think of any answers ...