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PICTURE QUESTION Appearances deceive: which world leader came under fire after being photographed seeming to enjoy a drink with a strange woman?


1. Which was not reportedly a patented invention: musical condoms, self-plucking chickens or the greenhouse helmet?

2. Breaking which world record put Israelis Dror Orpaz and Karmit Tsubera in hospital?

3. How did the Natural Law Party propose to halt hostilities in Kosovo?

4. How much is Bill Gates worth?

5. What is holding up the pounds 15m restoration of Bath's baths?

6. In which country have 30,000 footballers been suspended until the end of the season due to soccer violence?

7. Which song is missing from Abba-inspired West End musical Mamma Mia!?

8. Why was Stoke Canen Cricket Club forced to disband?

9. What will be attended by Billy Connolly, Chris Tarrant and 2,000 members of the public?

10. How does Professor Michael Rowe power his TV set?

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