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PICTURE QUESTION: Who is pulling a girl here while promoting cola in Japan? AP

1. Whom does England share with Germany, Austria and sufferers from syphilis?

2. What are Britain's top two universities?

3.Which celebrity sank at sea for the second time?

4. Which politicians celebrated together to end the "longest sulk in history"?

5. Who thwarted James Bond on the River Thames?

6. How did pyramids shape up where circles and squares failed?

7. Who was caught napping during the Queen's speech in South Korea?

8. How did a friend of Prince William steal his thunder at a Soho party?

9. Where could you find Teletubbies, Viagra and a waterless urinal under one roof?

10. Why might Adam have been a brute?

Answers below


PICTURE QUESTION: Richard Branson, promoting Virgin Cola. 1. St George as its patron saint. 2. Cambridge University and Imperial College London according to the latest ratings. 3. Leonardo DiCaprio, this time in a storm off the coast of Thailand while filming The Beach. 4. Baroness Thatcher and Sir Edward Heath, together to promote the 20th anniversary of her first general election victory. 5. MI6 - by obstructing the filming of chase scenes on the river outside its headquarters. 6. PG's pyramid T-bags have become the market leader. 7. Prince Philip, who appeared to doze off. 8. By mooning to photographers through a cab window. 9. In the Millennium Dome - as designated "Millennium products". 10. New research has shown Neanderthal man to be an ancestor of modern humans.