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PICTURE QUESTION: Hundreds of demonstrators on bicycles brought traffic to a halt outside the Bank of England on Friday. What were they protesting against? REUTERS

1. Which scientist proved that size matters?

2. Who became famous in five-hundredths of a second?

3. How did historians slip on a banana skin?

4. Why did Sabrina Cohen sit her GCSEs wearing a Beatles wig?

5. Who were reportedly accused of stupidity, talentlessness and beauty by one of their own?

6. Who refused to leave Wormwood Scrubs jail?

7. "1998 OX4" has been lost, but why wouldn't you want to find it again?

8. Who are to be taught sex education in schools for the first time?

9. Who is the world's most bankable film star?

10. Who confessed to wanting to steal the White House silver?

Answers below



1. Albert Einstein - areas of his brain were found to be larger than those of normally intelligent people. 2. American sprinter Maurice Greene, when he broke the world 100m record with a time of 9.79 seconds against the existing 9.84. 3. A 15th-century banana skin has been found, dating from 200 years before the fruit was thought to have been introduced to England. 4. Her bright- red dyed hair was deemed to have broken school rules. 5.Female tennis players - by Jana Novotna. 6. Its prison officers - in a sit-in protest against charges of assaults on inmates. 7. It is an asteroid which was being tracked by scientists because it has a minute chance of colliding with earth in 2046. 8. Parents. 9.Tom Hanks, according to a Hollywood survey. 10. Teenage soprano Charlotte Church.