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PICTURE QUESTION: A price on his head. What is the bounty worth on Slobodan Milosevic?


1. How does Boots now sell olive oil, chicory, red wine and tomatoes?

2. Who had to smile at having his photograph doctored?

3. Where might one find a panel comprising Elizabeth Hurley, Elton John and Sting?

4. Who wrote the lines, "The guard dogs bark, the barbed wire glints / As russet dawn unveils each day"?

5. How are a walrus and a cornflake worth pounds 60,000?

6. Who revealed himself to be the No 1 enemy of Blue Peter?

7. Which impressionist betrothed himself to a portraitist?

8. While artist Beenie is content to work in oils or acrylics, why is water her preferred medium?

9. Who is the new face of the pounds 20 note?

10. Which tinned food is the subject of its own biography featuring Margaret Thatcher, Monty Python and John Major?

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PICTURE QUESTION: $5m (pounds 3.2m), offered for his capture by the United States government.

1. In pill form (with non-alcoholic red wine). 2. Prince William in Edward and Sophie's wedding photo - his frown was changed to a smile by the photographer Sir Geoffrey Shakerley. 3. On Question Time - they were reputed to be on a guest wish-list for the programme. 4. Jailed former minister Jonathan Aitken, in his poem "A Ballad From Belmarsh Gaol". 5. The original lyrics to "I Am The Walrus" by the Beatles are hoped to fetch pounds 60,000 at auction. 6. John Noakes, who complained of overwork and under-pay during his years on the show. 7. Rory Bremner, who is to marry his fiancee, society painter Tessa Campbell Fraser. 8. She is an otter trained to paint by her owner. 9. Composer Sir Edward Elgar. 10. Spam.