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1. Where would Stella wish you happy birthday and chat about the weather before handing you pounds 50 cash?

2. How have Australian supermarket chiefs deterred trouble-making youths from their malls?

3. Who was attacked by a cockatoo, dropped a pizza and fell off a stage at Harrods?

4. How were three managers from a dog-biscuit company hospitalised with burned feet?

5. How much does a three-bed flat in Newcastle upon Tyne cost?

6. What was the extra hazard around the 18th hole at the Standard Life golf tournament?

7. What is the latest way for teachers to write school reports?

8. Why is Colgate's smile less than white?

9. What links the Sultan of Brunei, Rupert Murdoch and gambler J P McManus to a red devil?

10. Why have fish stocks declined in over 80 British Rivers?

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PICTURE QUESTION: At the wedding of footballer David Beckham and Spice Girl Victoria Adams.

1. "Stella" is the new electronic personality to be installed in talking hole-in-the-wall cash dispensers 2. By playing Bing Crosby songs from loudspeakers. 3. Sophia Loren while opening the summer sale. 4. They had walked across hot coals during a "motivation" seminar. 5. 50p under a new council scheme to regenerate the Hampstead Road. 6. The eggs of a rare oyster-catcher bird in the bunker. 7. With a new computer program that gives standardised responses. 8. The company was forced to alter advertising after "touching up" photos demonstrating the whitening power of a new product. 9. All are trying or have tried to buy Manchester United FC. 10. The water is too clean for fish to survive, says the National Federation of Anglers.