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PICTURE QUESTION: Use the Force. How does this man threaten the Chinese government? REUTERS

1. How did Prince Osric of Mercia lose his head?

2. What disciplinary method was recommended in a motion at the Professional Association of Teachers' conference?

3. Where did peace and love go up in flames?

4. Which actor was awarded Majorca's Siruells Prize for making the island `better known around the world'?

5. Why is Panbanisha's 3,000-word vocabulary very advanced?

6. Where can you buy the work of sculptors Anthony Gormley, Anish Kapoor and Alison Wilding for between pounds 6 and pounds 45?

7. Who has the Cof E welcomed into its congregations?

8. Why was top swimmer Paul Palmer forced to remove his trunks?

9. How do Moscow police deal with imported stolen cars?

10. What happened to Dr Gachet?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Falun Gong, a religious sect which prescribes stretching exercises, has been banned by the Communist Party. 1. The statue of Gloucester Cathedral's founder toppled when a man tried to climb the south porch. 2. Trained dogs in the classroom to bark at naughty children. 3. At the Woodstock revival, which ended in rioting and arson. 4. Michael Douglas, after being photographed with Catherine Zeta-Jones. 5. She is a chimpanzee. 6. At Homebase DIY superstores. 7. Sex offenders. 8. Judges said his Teflon-coated bodysuit gave him an unfair advantage. 9. The city's half million stolen cars can be driven with impunity provided their new owners can prove their car is on Interpol's wanted list. 10. The Van Gogh masterpiece bought by Ryoei Saito for pounds 55m in 1990 was feared cremated with its owner.