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1. How are the Martians returning to Earth?

2. Which British sporting hero is to have his life story turned into a Hollywood film?

3. How has a surgical procedure led to falling crime rates in the US?

4. Who has gone from a foetus to a boy to an action man?

5. Why did designer Paco Rabanne go to Britanny?

6. Where did Darwin become extinct?

7. Which former Wimbledon champ retired from tennis?

8. Why did Edinburgh Fringe play Corpus Christi attract 70 protesters?

9. What did North Korea import for its starving citizens?

10. Which left-wing political activist and celebrity is considering a bid for the US presidency?

Answers below

PICTURE QUESTION: Spot the difference: why is the Chinese police officer on the left so attired? AP


PICTURE QUESTION: He is trying to improve his posture. 1. The Smash potato Martians are returning to TV adverts. 2. Failed ski-jumper Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards. 3. According to Stanford University researchers, the legalisation of abortion in the 1970s meant the pool of potential lawbreakers from disadvantaged backgrounds was reduced. 4. William Hague, described as a foetus, a Tory Boy and now, in a leaked memo, as a macho man. 5. To avoid being crushed by the Mir space station, whose demise he "predicted". 6. In Kansas, after the state backed a science curriculum for its schools that omits mention of evolution. 7. Steffi Graf. 8. It portrays Jesus Christ as gay. 9. 30 MiG jet fighters. 10. Warren Beatty.