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PICTURE QUESTION: The life of which late motorcyclist and chef was commemorated with a minute's noise? MIKHAIL METZEL/AP

1. Who gained revenge on Oxford University by raising pounds 1m for Cambridge?

2. Only obeying which orders allows one to remain silent before the International Criminal Court?

3. What is a black diamond, as sold in Tokyo for pounds 54,000?

4. How did a tortoise put Tracey Lewis behind bars?

5. Why did British Airways joke of "in-the-club class"?

6. How did the Luftwaffe save a village green from the Germans?

7. Which movie was accused of blaspheming against Hinduism?

8. What caused fears of plutonium rain?

9. Which game show is returning to consciousness after 17 years?

10. How was Anglo-Saxon saved from history's rubbish bin?

Answers below


PICTURE QUESTION: TV Fat Lady Jennifer Paterson. 1. Baroness Thatcher. 2. Those of a Roman Catholic priest keeping confessions confidential. 3. A giant stag beetle kept by enthusiasts as pets. 4. Its owner accused her of theft when she rescued it from a roadside. 5. 600 of its stewardesses are pregnant. 6. Its wartime reconnaissance photos showed the claim to ownership of a German couple to be false. 7. Eyes Wide Shut. 8. The nuclear-powered spacecraft Cassini-Huygens, passing within 500 miles of Earth at 45,000 mph. 9. It's a Knockout. 10. The language was retained as an A-level subject after fears of abolition.