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PICTURE QUESTION: Nicole Bos is crowned a beauty queen in Peru. With what disadvantaged group will she work closely? AP

1. What links a baby, a human kidney and a Monet painting?

2. Whose sporting career got up on the count of five?

3. What was the reported pay of a Millennium Dome electrician?

4. What was the favourite British film of British film-makers?

5. Who is the bespectacled British boy being courted for a six-figure sum by Warner Brothers, Rob Reiner and Steven Spielberg?

6. Why was the Brooklyn Museum of Art's funding cut off?

7. How is Asda trying to attract graduates to its training scheme?

8. Who was stopped from withdrawing pounds 1 from a cash machine?

9. Which leadership hopeful spent party conference under a table?

10. What word was censored in Labour's Party Political Broadcast?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Her fellow contestants and inmates in Peru's women's prisons. 1. All can be bought on the Internet. 2. Alan Shearer's after he scored five goals against Sheffield Wednesday. 3. Up to pounds 100,000 a year. 4. The Third Man. 5. J K Rowling's creation for children, Harry Potter the boy wizard. 6. It is showing "Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi collection". 7. With pamphlets depicting semi-naked trainees. 8. Barclays, who wanted to charge some other banks' customers for the use of its machines. 9. Cat Mandu, the tomcat standing in the Monster Raving Loony Party. 10. "Socialism", reportedly on the orders of Alastair Campbell.