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PICTURE QUESTION: On which world leader did Peter Tatchell attempt a citizen's arrest? DAVID SANDISON

1. Which artists were branded "Sodom and Gomorrah" by the Reverend Ian Paisley's congregation?

2. Who tried to sink the Titanic?

3. Who acted "like Jesus Christ", according to his deputy?

4. How did Frank Dobson's mayoral campaign become repetitive?

5. How does Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University plan to read his wife's mind?

6. How was Prince William pinched?

7. Why was a child's toy taken to hospital, examined by police forensic experts and prayed for by Irish villagers?

8. Whose ad described Harris tweed as "a nasty, itchy, old-fashioned fabric favoured by masochists".

9. Who was invited to the "lunch of the century" for 300 high achievers: Tony Benn, Liam Gallagher, David Steel or Paul Gascoigne?

10. How did a branch of Sainsbury's try to attract single customers?


PICTURE QUESTION: Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe 1. Gilbert and George. 2. Oliver Peyton, owner of the Atlantic Bar, charged in court that Marco Pierre White's Titanic was a copy of his establishment and should be closed. 3. Tony Blair, in forsaking his full salary, in the words of John Prescott, according to the diaries of Lord Richard's wife. 4. Loyal Labour MPs wrote suspiciously similar letters to members, asking for support. 5. By having "his and hers" microchips hooked up to their nervous systems. 6. A thief stole snaps of the prince from Tiggy Legge-Bourke's handbag. 7. "Alien Eggs" have been mistaken in several cases for human foetuses. 8. Ikea's. 9. David Steel (Lord Steel of Aikwood). 10. By handing out "love bleepers", which go off when two shoppers with matching preferences pass one another.