PICTURE QUESTION: Beer and crisps. What will soon be available in pubs to enable drinkers to consume more of them?


1.Whose bill for six days at the Ritz came to pounds 3,500?

2.Who was held up as fine example of fatherhood at a Fathers Direct conference?

3.Whose model daughter wore chains for a fashion shoot?

4. What linked David Ginola, Barbara Windsor and Posh Spice?

5.Which twins were bought by Seaton Town for pounds 302.98?

6.How did the Home Office plan to regenerate Britain's city centres?

7.Why was a sister dressed down at Northwick Park Hospital?

8. What display returns to England on Channel 5 after a 10 year absence?

9.Who asked guests to his stately home for a Millennium night party to bring their own drink?

10. How did alleged neo-Nazis fund an "indoctrination centre" in Spain?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Cash machines. 1. Ex-MP Neil Hamilton and his wife's, paid for by Mohamed Al Fayed. 2. Homer Simpson, by Professor Charlie Lewis of Lancaster University. 3. Jonathan Aitken's daughter Victoria. 4. All formally switched on London Christmas lights. 5. Wembley Stadium's twin towers. 6. By setting up 300 "speakers' corners". 7. Roman Catholic nun Bernadette Onwuzuruigbois was asked not to wear her habit to work at their mental health unit as it might unsettle paranoid patients. 8. The Miss World Contest. 9. Prince Charles at Highgrove. 10. With St Michael the Archangel Trust - a chain of charity shops.