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PICTURE QUESTION: As Muhammad Ali recommended Wheaties for breakfast, why were Glasgow University researchers extolling the benefits of flavonols with your lunch?

1. Why was Toshi's birth miraculous?

2. What do David Ginola, Jennifer Aniston and the human figures inside the Millennium Dome have in common?

3. Who are to be tested on their timetables before they go to school?

4. Why does Bill Gates recommend Coca-Cola?

5. What is the price of a loaf of bread (if you shop at Kwik-Save)?

6. Which Russian has declared a war of words on Lord Bethnell?

7. Who called Delia Smith's omelette "disgusting"?

8. Who saved Charlene Camburn from drowning off the Lincolnshire coast?

9. Which ducks will no longer be quacking, but croaking?

10. Why was Glenn Hoddle's last act as England football coach one of forgiveness?

PICTURE QUESTION: Flavonols are the substances found in fruit, vegetables and wine which help prevent heart disease. 1. Toshi the chimp was born in Los Angeles zoo although the male chimpanzees in the enclosure have had vasectomies. 2. All have their hair sponsored by L' Oreal. 3. From next year, all new teachers. 4. He thinks its shares are a better investment than those of his own company Microsoft. 5. 7p. 6. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, over allegedly unauthorised publication in English. 7. Antony Worrall-Thompson, in court. 8. A colony of seals. 9. Ruddy ducks, due to be culled before they cross-breed the white-headed duck into extinction. 10. He gave Andy Cole a place in the next squad although the player had called him a coward in the press.