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Cut off in his prime: see picture question below AFP

PICTURE QUESTION: This statue of the Shah of Iran was cut in half by Tehran revolutionaries. Closer to home, who cut off the Queen's arms?

1. To whom has a court ordered that the CIA's dossier on Diana, Princess of Wales, be handed over?

2. Which popular children's entertainer was "outed" as gay?

3. Why is it the end for lightning, shadow and hunter?

4. Which famous "trainspotter" was arrested aboard a train for being drunk and disorderly?

5. Under an EU loophole, who could be entitled to four weeks' paid holiday per year?

6. What did Barney the Alsatian catch in the River Trent?

7. Who are to use rap music to attract new employees?

8. What is the most affluent place in Europe?

9. Who are to be given hangover advice in West Lothian?

10. How was leprechaun Fiddle O'Diddle crocked?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Cigarette producers Gallaher from their brands, after their royal warrant was revoked. 1. Mohamed al Fayed. 2. Tinky Winky the Teletubby - a charge denied by the programme makers. 3. ITV is axing Gladiators. 4. Author Irvine Welsh. 5. Paperboys. 6. Steven Jones the burglar, hiding under the surface while breathing through a pipe. 7. The Metropolitan Police in a new recruitment campaign for ethnic officers. 8. Inner London, according to a survey of more than 100 places. 9. Twelve- year-olds who drink at weekends. 10. The Dandy comic's Irish character was denounced for being a racist stereotype after he tried to grow a black pudding tree.