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PICTURE QUESTION: Members of which club, identifying each other by pink and green ties rather than kilts, were told to "come back at 5 o'clock with carrier bags for the money"?

1. The US-based Bradford Exchange of Illinois is suing the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. What's the fuss about?

2. Which billionaire financier warned against meltdown in Russia, and urged devaluation of the rouble by up to 20 per cent?

3. The star of Gandhi and the author of the classic novel Lucky Jim share one thing in common with Paula Yates's new 26-year-old lover. What is it?

4. Who wrote to John Prescott last week, offering to review roadside restaurants in order to help the Government's campaign to save the "greasy spoon" cafe?

5. Hot-7, Flea and Bob are among designer names outlawed by the Government last week. But what are they?

6. Princes William and Harry sent their love to heart patient Victoria Hemphill in personally written letters last year, it was revealed. But what did their father send to former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell?

7. Why did the Football Association announce that Brian Clough, former manager of Nottingham Forest, will not face charges of allegedly pocketing a pounds 46,000 "bung" from the transfer of two players?

8. Saucy, scenic, designer, city-by-night, personality, advertising, profile, and scrawling - all types of what, identified by whom?

9. Bill Clinton was brought to tears this week, but not by the rising costs of the Monica Lewinsky case. What happened?

10. A garden shed, a doll's house, a rubbish tip and a lunatic asylum: the varied descriptions of a 50ft vessel that last week completed an epic trip across the Atlantic. Who manned it?

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