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PICTURE QUESTION: Germany is preparing for a general election. In which year was Helmut Kohl first elected chancellor?

1. How many times has Russian President Boris Yeltsin sacked his entire government?

2. Who are MAGO?

3. Who is an unnamed Texan millionaire paying $5m to have cloned?

4. Which famous wife has had her reputation restored after being branded a "monster of carnality"?

5. Dorothy Buddle reached her 100th birthday in spite of what?

6. Who was granted a divorce after telling a judge that her marriage was damaging her health?

7. Which televised death has prompted an unprecedented 200 complaints to the Independent Television Commission?

8. Why were bounty hunters heading for the River Tywi near Swansea?

9. Why had Anne Frank's father suppressed the five additional pages of his daughter's diary?

10. Which show has been branded the most dangerous in the West End for performers after the cast reported an average of three injuries each?

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PICTURE QUESTION: 1982, making him the longest-serving leader in Western Europe 1. Twice. The first time was just five months ago. 2. Muslims Against Global Oppression, the organisation which claims to have carried out the Planet Hollywood bombing in South Africa. 3. His pet dog Missy. 4. The Wife of Bath from the Canterbury Tales, a much less licentious woman in the version now identified as Chaucer's preferred text. 5. She weighed less than 2lbs at birth and doctors at the time gave her a month to live. 6. Sheryl Gascoigne, now ex-wife of footballer Paul 7. The death of Kevin the hamster in the latest Levi's jeans ad. 8. Because mussels that form the source of the legendary black pearl were reported to have been found there. 9. Because they contained negative remarks about friends and her parents' relationship, and sexually graphic passages. 10. Starlight Express, Andrew Lloyd Webber's roller-skating extravaganza.