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PICTURE QUESTION: As a squash tournament was held in front of the pyramids, which sporting institution opened its doors in a way that had never happened before?

1. A flock of sheep have caused a family to consider suing St Peter's Church in Arthington, near Otley in Yorkshire. What was their crime?

2. Which larger-than-life tabloid figure disappeared in a Reggie Perrin- style stunt last week?

3. A letter to be auctioned on 10 October is set to become the most expensive piece of profanity in history. Who wrote it, and what did it contain?

4. An unlucky falcon met a sad end during a stunt staged to coincide with the Labour conference. What happened?

5. "Horny-handed" - last week's description by whom of what?

6. He has dressed in drag as Ginger Spice; she once appeared with a black eye, but claimed she bumped into a mantelpiece. Which television golden couple celebrated 10 years on screen?

7. "I hope my mum videoed it." Which rising star made this comment on her debut last week?

8. Which unlikely financial partnership may be struck up to prepare for the 2002 World Cup final?

9. Michael Owen is to join Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne - doing what?

10. "I may have behaved stupidly, but what I did was not the act of a barbarian". Who is defending what action from the sanctuary of his native Italy?

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