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PICTURE QUESTION: As this plane-cum-car - with its inventor Mathias Klug - went on show in Berlin last week, what British speed record was set by Richard Brown from High Wycombe?

1. How many bottles of Hooch alcoholic lemonade did Paul Gascoigne reportedly drink during a recent "bender" in Dublin?

2. How much National Lottery money has so far been left in Treasury bonds rather than spent on good causes?

3. Who - in effigy form - was executed for the genocide of more than three million Central Americans?

4. Where, according to its advertising, will a fishball be "forced down your throat" in place of doctrine?

5. Why was a nine-iron the wrong club for golfer Nick Faldo?

6. Which Prime Minister resigned after leading his country's second longest serving government since the war? How long did it serve?

7. How did the Dutch government spend pounds 26m on sticky tape?

8. According to a 1961 MoD paper, what contingency plan was considered in the event of America's devastation by nuclear attack?

9. Denis Murphy won pounds 150,000 damages after suffering paralysis as a result of a road accident. Who, drunk at the wheel, was driving the offending van?

10. What is small, furry and worries educationalists with its language?

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Picture question: 216.55 mph on a motorcycle. 1. 20. 2. pounds 3.6bn 3. Christopher Columbus after his conviction in absentia by a Mayan Indian court. 4. At the new synagogue set up by Maurice and Charles Saatchi, where services will end with four-course kosher meals. 5. His girlfriend Brenna Cepelak was reported to have used the club to vandalise Faldo's Porsche after he ended their relationship. 6. Italy's Romano Prodi; 30 months. 7. By purchasing Piet Mondrian's "Victory Boogie Woogie", an abstract work of art made with the material. 8. The army could shoot American officers in order to take control of their bases and bombs on British soil. 9. He was. The damages were paid by the two pubs who allegedly failed to stop him driving. 10. The "Furby" - the new toy which speaks 200 words and 800 phrases in its own "gibberish".