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PICTURE QUESTION: As staff from Disneyland, Paris, celebrated Hallowe'en, which all-American star was making a comeback from a location just east of Disneyworld, Florida?

1. How many books on Diana, Princess of Wales, have been published since her death?

2. President Jacques Chirac has broken with tradition and declined to send flowers in memory of which First World War hero?

3. Where did England soccer coach Glenn Hoddle take his players last week as a team exercise in "breaking down the barriers"?

4. The Government has announced it is considering issuing passports for the first time to which group?

5. Which company is to allow its workers to wear trousers on the beach for the first time?

6. Who is planning to spend pounds 21,000 on something "perfectly useless"?

7. Thirteen million people have applied for accommodation in which city during a special programme of events for the turn of the millennium?

8. What title was Lejla Sehovic stripped of and why?

9. Why was the New York Museum of Modern Art forced to give away four works by Van Gogh and Seurat?

10. After receiving a red card this week, how long had it been since Chelsea football captain Dennis Wise had pledged never to be sent off again?

Answers to the quiz of the week

Picture question: John Glenn, 77, who became the oldest person to fly into space on Thursday. 1. 70. 2. Marshal Petain, later the collaborating leader of the Vichy government. 3.To Buckingham Palace on the invitation of the Queen. 4. Family pets, ina re form of the quarantine laws. 5. Butlins, with a redesign of the traditional redcoat uniform. 6. Booker Prize winner Ian McEwan. 7. The Vatican. 8. Miss Croatia, allegedly because she is a Muslim. 9. Because they are considered too old to be modern art. 1 0. Six weeks.