Quiz Of The Week

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PICTURE QUESTION: As geese went walkabout on the Elbe river dyke, who starred at the London Film Festival as a motor-neurone sufferer looking for love in a film called The Theory of Flight?

1. Who has won the Governorship of Minnesota on a platform of lower taxes and legal prostitution?

2. This year is expected to have been the world's warmest for how long?

3. Who joined ITV after a 30-year exclusive association with the BBC?

4. What is Scottish National Heritage planning to bring back to Britain after a 400-year absence?

5. The Defence Secretary is reportedly fighting to protect Territorial Army units from disbandment in case they are needed to deal with which crisis in the future?

6. What is the BBB and why has it allegedly targeted Lord Bragg, Baroness Thatcher and Jeremy Paxman?

7. Who were given permission to hold a remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph for the first time?

8. Who claims to have captured 12 of the men on Israel's "most-wanted Palestinians" list?

9. Duty-free shopping will be abolished for European citizens within the EU, but who are the 19 people, along with diplomats, who will be exempt?

10. How did Owen Nkumane turn into an antelope?

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