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PICTURE QUESTION: As the three-wheeled "Cocotaxi" hits the streets of Havana, what requirement is being made of all new London cabs by 1 January 2000?

1. Who is Marjorie Longdin's nephew, and why can he expect a more expensive than usual Christmas present from her?

2. Who is the odd one out: Matthew Parris, Geoff Boycott or Lauren Booth?

3. Who left his job amid allegations of curry making and kite flying?

4. Who will succeed James Ferman as Director of the British Board of Film Classification?

5. How did thousands of women reportedly become more intelligent?

6. Why is the Jackal in danger of extinction?

7. Which quintessential Englishman did not fight in the First World War because, according to a medical report of the time, he "looks pale, shaky and nervy, cannot stand any noises and complains of a constant headache"?

8. A new herbal remedy for which condition sold out all 90,000 boxes costing pounds 20 each when it was launched in Australia?

9. Why was Lord Jakobovits celebrating of behalf of the Jews?

10. What is the difference between Dedham Lock Mill and a 20ft giraffe?

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