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PICTURE QUESTION: Why might this man quote Bart Simpson in declaring: "Eat My Shorts"?

1. Why were 25 volumes the size of Tolstoy's War and Peace written about a millimetre-long nematode worm?

2. Who sold a baby for pounds 41,000?

3. According to a new Home Office report, how many more times are blacks likely to be stopped and searched by police than whites?

4. How does Joe Cole earn pounds 20,000 per week in the East End of London?

5. Who is set to play Cleopatra in the Globe Theatre's production of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra?

6. Why did Alastair Campbell cancel lunch for Nelson Mandela?

7. What connects Jesus Christ, a block of resin, a tree, a book and a head?

8. What is the title of the next James Bond film?

9. Who was judged by a US Army doctor in 1943 to be 'Neurotic and afraid to be in crowds'?

10. Who is Little Foot and how old is he?

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PICTURE QUESTION: He's a scientist working on bacteria that will eat the used underwear of astronauts on the International Space Station, saving space and creating methane for fuel. 1. That is the page space needed to map the full genetic code for the nematode worm. 2. Charles Saatchi in his sale of BritArt. Ron Mueck's Big Baby 2 went for pounds 41,100. 3. Five times. 4. He is a 17-year-old footballer yet to play a first-team Premiership game for his club West Ham. 5. Mark Rylance, the Globe's Artistic Director. 6. "Lunch for Nelson Mandela" was on Christmas cards chosen for No.10, and pulped after Mr Campbell deemed that inappropriate. 7. Artistic representations of all will take turns on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. 8. The World is Not Enough. 9. Frank Sinatra. 10. Little Foot is the oldest known human skeleton, 4ft tall and 3.6 million years old.