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PICTURE QUESTION: In the week that this scuba-diving mongrel was forced to retire, the Daily Mail discovered a dog it suggested might be the oldest in Britain. How old is it?

1. Which eight-by-six-inch painting on copper has generated a legal ruling that will reverberate through the art world?

2. Colleagues of Pontypridd traffic warden David Hughes admitted he had been over-zealous in his job last week. To what did he issue a pounds 15 parking ticket?

3. Received pronunciation - such as that employed by the Queen - is giving way to what, according to a survey last week?

4. Losing My Virginity - not the name of a new Madonna single, but that of an autobiography. Who wrote it?

5. Bulgarian Joni Aptula hitchhiked 2,000 miles to see England. What was he most impressed with on arrival?

6. Which car manufacturer claims to have come up with the first key-less car, and what is it called?

7. Mel B - aka Scary Spice - is to marry fiance Jimmy Gulzar. But what's the inappropriate name of her debut single?

8. Which chief executive claimed "Football is not my expertise" on being asked to name Manchester United's left back (Denis Irwin)?

9. A lap-dancing club is to open in Croydon, despite protests from local residents and politicians. Why did the council grant it a licence?

10. Dental checks, it was announced, will soon be available at which high street chainstore?

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