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Picture Question: As French firemen showed off a new range of protective gear in last week, who won praise from her husband for the stylish way she kept her elbows covered?

1. Richard and Judy gave "caring TV" a whole new meaning with an experiment involving three couples. What was it?

2. Lord Jakobovits, a former chief rabbi, angered delegates at the International Council of Jewish Women last week. What did he say?

3. "An opportunity to explore the meaning of life." Which pounds 2.3m London church has launched a nationwide initiative to spread the Christian gospel, and what is it called?

4. The Yo-Yo has a new unique selling point. What is it, and what is its sister product?

5. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promoting a campaign to persuade hundreds of Jews to emigrate to Israel. From where?

6. Soap operas such as EastEnders and Coronation Street have been marshalled by David Blunkett into doing what?

7. An unusual guest made itself at home in the ladies' toilets at Debenham's store in Cardiff last week. What was it, and how did it get there?

8. A bowler hat raised a record price of pounds 62,000 at Christie's on Thursday. Whose was it?

9. Mother-of-two Merlyn Lowther, who is married to a Newcastle supporter, hit the headlines last week. What will she be signing?

10. The work of David Hockney and Damien Hirst will be given pride of place in the new Tate Gallery of Modern Art. Which older artist will join them?

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Picture question: Gaynor Cook, new wife of Foreign Secretary Robin, during the Queen's state visit to Brunei last week.

1. A Viagra test: the couples, two of whom had apparently not had sex for four years, were packed off to a hotel armed with the little blue pills which are reputed to cure impotence. 2. That the problem of "chained women" - those refused a divorce by their husbands - was "marginal". 3. Holy Trinity Brompton, near Knightsbridge, London: Alpha. 4. Bandai, the company responsible for making the Tamagotchi virtual pet, has made a yo-yo with a "brain" - the Yomega X-Brain. 5. Russia. 6. Helping Britain to become a nation of readers for the National Year of Reading; soaps will now feature storylines that encourage people to read. 7. A wild mink, which arrived on a lorry delivering fruit and vegetables. It was possibly one of those freed by activists in the New Forest. 8. It was wielded by Oddjob, the oriental henchman in the James Bond film Dr No. 9. British banknotes. She succeeds Graham Kentfield as chief cashier of the Bank of England. 10. Pablo Picasso, whose painting, Three Dancers, will be on display.