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PICTURE QUESTION: As monkeys were treated to a buffet of fruit at a temple in Thailand, how did French scientists seek to affect the eating habits of ladybirds?

1. Cherie Booth is to play a starring part on Chinese television. What's it all in aid of?

2. Donk is a lucky creature. Who was his saviour and from where did she rescue him?

3. What is Britishness? Who is asking this, and why?

4. HD187123 - the name of what, discovered by whom last week?

5. US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, could find herself with a new job on her hands. Who has recommended her, and for what?

6. Who declared himself "interested in the principle" of a topless Gladiators programme last week?

7. Twenty Mars bars, three large boxes of cornflakes, a dozen beers and 24 vacuum-packed toilet rolls: some of the supplies for a four-month adventure where, and undertaken by whom?

8. Why is the Pope planning to ask for pardon in the year 2000?

9. Shopping in Marks & Spencer, listening to karaoke and riding on a commuter train: all done for the first time this week by which VIP?

10. Known hitherto as a "bear of very little brain", Winnie-the-Pooh surprised critics this week with which revealed act of bravery?

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