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"Women and children first" is an unscientific sentimentality that must be opposed - Camille Paglia, Professor of Humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia

We are still fighting with steam and brass cannon on little wooden rollers. We have been taken completely by surprise by the new techniques - Alan Clark, MP, on the Conservative Party's style of opposition

New Labour's most irritating characteristic is the belief that its spokesmen can ignore the facts of history and deny the rules of logic without anybody noticing - Lord Hattersley, former Labour cabinet minister

What seems to be unusual about President Clinton is that the parts of the brain that control common sense seem to be inactive - Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Queen Mother is one who knows how to be Queen, how to preserve mystery and yet be accessible, one who knows how to epitomise the higher aspirations of a people, yet retain both humanity and humour - Sir Roy Strong

If the result of sustaining a strong euro was a string of falling governments, of flying glass and broken heads in the streets of Europe, then the policy would change - Lord Hurd, former Foreign Secretary, on the single currency

I would like to thank the British electorate for giving me the opportunity to watch cricket in the West Indies for the first time - John Major