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I get my own table, free this, free that: I totally exploit it - Ben Affleck, film star, on the deference shown to him by Las Vegas casinos

I was so depressed that I went to see a bereavement counsellor. He told me I was too depressed to treat - Lucy Ellman, novelist

You have to be careful with women in Britain. You must never say, `Are you a housewife? - Michael Bloomberg, American businessman

I call it demeaning and patronising when a chit of a girl addresses a great-grandmother by her first name - Keith Waterhouse, playwright

I would prefer it if people remembered me as someone who made them laugh, and was able to make them take life a little less seriously, no matter how difficult it really is - Elizabeth Beresford, creator of the Wombles.

It has become fashionable in Conservative circles to dismiss the entire clergy as incorrigible lefties - Peter Lilley, shadow Chancellor

They chickened out and they got themselves in a position where they were inventing reasons why they just didn't want to publish it which were nonsense, leaving me in a completely impossible position - Rupert Murdoch, publisher, on HarperCollins executives and their reluctance to tell Chris Patten to take his book on Hong Kong elsewhere