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"We want to rear a nation of taxpayers and to make tax a part of our culture. We promise sizzling storylines with murder, financial scams and, of course, sex." - Yury Medvedev, Russia's tax office spokesman discussing a new TV show designed to persuade people to pay tax.

"The New Conservative rank and file is made up in large part of hard- hearted Essex businessmen, second-rate academics and opinionated young unemployables." - Auberon Waugh, TV pundit and commentator.

"It's cool to be 40. It really is a new life. I'm happy but I am sure there's a team of psychiatrists out there somewhere who would disagree with me." - Sharon Stone, actress.

"Sometimes I get the church and the movie theatre confused. That's what I told the Dalai Lama the first time I met him." - Martin Scorsese, film director.

"Thank you my dear, but really, you know, you should have served Mrs Callaghan first." - Lord Callaghan, when prime minister, to a young waitress who tipped an entire sizzling leg of lamb into his lap.

"She should get the Oscar for best bust. Anyone with those floaters doesn't need a lifeboat." - Camille Paglia, feminist and academic, discussing actress Kate Winslet, star of "Titanic".