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"I wonder sometimes: will life ever stop moving at this impossibly whirlwind pace?" - Chris Smith, Culture Secretary, discussing his job.

"I didn't know Mars Bars were kosher. How wonderful" - The Prince of Wales.

"As we can now see clearly, the Government's new ethical policy turns out to be mainly paint and plaster" - Lord (Douglas) Hurd, former Foreign Secretary.

"If I was a politician and I got up to this sort of stuff, I would worry. But I'm a silly-faced actor and it's my job" - Martin Clunes describing the TV hit Men Behaving Badly.

"If knowing what you want and going for it makes you a bitch, then that's a label I would like to earn" - Elizabeth Wurtzel, writer and feminist campaigner.

"Conservative Party policy is not unlike a Wagner opera. It is not always as bad as it sounds" - Jerry Hayes, former Conservative MP.

"I was the original Spice Girl. I didn't wear boots, but I wore see- through things. There's nothing they wear that I didn't wear" - Shirley Bassey.