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"I was taught by a boss 20 years ago that if you are going to preach madness, better show up in a conservative suit." - Tom Peters, American management guru.

"I always say that if there is something detrimental, derogatory or otherwise ghastly to do, I will be the person made to do it." - Ulrika Jonsson, TV personality.

"Most guys think women in the military aren't attractive. I wanted to show my feminine side." - Lieutenant Frederica Spilman, of the US Navy who was reprimanded for posing topless in Playboy.

"I like a bit of rough, a bit of crumpled at the edges in men." - Jackie Ballard, Liberal Democrat MP.

"It's funny these people like Ben Elton suddenly criticising New Labour. I think it is the first-ever recorded case of rats leaving a floating ship." - Alexei Sayle, comedian.

"Not for a second does it occur to these poor boobs that the democratic right to vote includes the democratic right not to vote on the grounds that they are a confederation of dullards and busybodies hellbent on stopping people doing things." - Keith Waterhouse, on being pestered to vote.